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Fisherman's Walk

A spectacular coastal walk - 100 metres from your door - and one of Knysna's best (and least-known) whale- and dolphin-watching destinations.

Fishermen's Walk follows the contour at the top of the cliffs above Jaap se Baai and The Block here in Brenton-on-Sea. It's an easy stroll (unless you decide to descend one of the pathways down to the sea, of course) - with truly magnificent views of the Indian Ocean and its coast. 

  • Access the walk from one of the formal archways along Steenbras Street - or via the path alongside our next-door neighbour's house
  • Benches and shade are provided for your comfort
  • Don't forget your binoculars - you'll want them to watch the migratory whales (southern right whales, humpback whales) that visit us in winter and spring, and the pods of dolphins that come swimming by almost every day of the year